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Custom bow equipment

  • Affect Hunting Stabilizer

    6” compact design Designed to steady your bow while aiming Reduces movement while aiming resulting in improved accuracy High mod light weight carbon (2) 1oz steel weights included on each...

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  • CBE - 3RD Axis Attachment

    CBE - 3RD Axis Attachment

    The Brand New CBE 3rd Axis Attachment was developed to be a easy way to ensure you are on point, which is an excellent option for virtually any bow or crossbow hunter . An efficient crossbow...

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  • CBE - Rheostat Sight Light

    The Brand New CBE - Rheostat Sight Light is equipped with Instant On/OFf Technology & Universal Fit with a Robust & Rigid Construction. Which ensures maximum visibility in critical situations...

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  • CBE - X4 Arrow Rest

    CBE - X4 Arrow Rest

    The Brand New X4 Arrow Rest is made with the Finest Quality & 100% Authentic Materials which ensures the Spectacular Performace, Adaptability, Customisation, Sustainability while shooting or...

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  • Engage Hybrid

    Engage Hybrid

    Dovetail mounting system Hybrid elevation adjustment 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments + quiver attachment Quad Track(TM) Design utilizing delrin tracks Rapid Drive for fast adjustments Laser...

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  • Engage Micro

    Dovetail mounting system Elevation micro adjustable with clicks 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments + quiver attachment Windage micro adjustable with clicks Available with a 5-pin housing Micro adjustable...

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  • MOD-5 Quiver

    Introducing the new MOD 5 Quiver - from CBE.  Years of experience are combined to deliver a quiver that's as easy to install as it is to use. No matter which bow or which sight you have...

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  • SL-4 Sight

    Ultra-light, compact design featuring our new rugged synthetic Multi-Pin Aperture ArmedGuard(TM) Fiber Management System for even brighter pins and better protection with 12" of fiber Dovetail...

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  • Tactic

    Smart mount multi-positioning Elevation - tool-less elevation gang adjustment with visual laser engraved markings for precise adjustments Windage - tool-less windage gang adjustment with visual...

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  • Tactic 5 Quiver

    Ultra-light, compact design Vertically adjustable to get the perfect fit Accepts both fixed and mechanical broadheads Unique clamping design, cam locking lever mechanism locks quiver securely and...

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  • Tactic Micro

    Smart mount multi-positioning Elevation - micro elevation gang adjustment with visual laser engraved markings for precise adjustments Windage - micro windage gang adjustment with visual laser...

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