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Bow Tuning

Posted by Gary Bruckelmyer on Jun 28th 2019

BlueRed Outdoors ensures all customers receive full service at the highest level. That’s why we provide you with a complete professional bow setup and tuning. The result? A bow that’s completely prepared for shooting and perfectly suits you.


We provide a complete bow setup for every bow at our Pro-Shop. You don’t have to worry if everything’s covered, because the setup is done by a qualified archery professional and no details are overlooked.

What do we do?

  • •We check all bow’s specifications and features and adjust them according to your skills and physics.
  • •We double-check the draw length, draw weight, and cam timing.
  • •We tie the peep sight in place, attach and level the sight, and sight-in the bow.
  • •We find the nocking point and install the nock or loop set.
  • •We install and center shoot the rest and check if arrow and string are leveled.
  • •We wax the strings, lubricate the axles, and custom arrows build.

We also take care of installing and adjusting all hardware and thoroughly inspect the bow, from top to bottom, to ensure that everything is in its place and that there are no flaws in manufacturing.

If there’s something wrong with your bow or it’s not up to the standards, it won’t leave our shop until it’s in a perfect condition.


We also test-shoot every bow you buy from us to ensure it functions flawlessly. Our staff shooters paper tunes every bow to see whether it needs any adjustments and if yes, we adjust what needs to be adjusted.

If the arrows don’t create bullet-hole tears during the paper test-shoots, we will tune and test them over and over until they achieve a perfectly level and straight flight, ensuring a true arrow flight. We want to make sure that your arrow rest, nocking point and bowstring are perfectly aligned so that you have a perfect shot and your arrows fly straight. That’s why we resolve all fletching clearance problems and align each arrow nock for a clean zero-contact launch.

Be advised that paper-tuning results are repeatable only if you shoot properly, without torqueing, improper grip pressures, trigger-jerking, etc.).

Yoke Tuning

If there’s a need, we also do yoke tuning. Sometimes, no matter how many times your bow is paper tuned, it still not perfectly accurate. In those cases, we do yoke tune if your bow has yokes.