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  • Scott Archery - Ascent

    Scott Archery - Ascent

    **Scott Archery - Ascent** The Brand New Ascent has a new, aggressive, stylish design & feel that delivers comfort, Smoothness & confidence at full draw. Micro adjustments to travel & click distance deliver performance custom built for you...

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  • Scott Archery - Little Goose Release

    Scott Archery - Little Goose Release

    The Brand New Little Goose is a standard-sized version of the Mongoose for those who like the time-tested design but need a standard-sized release. The Little Goose is a Scott Archery best seller! Our Industry Leading technology made this best selling...

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  • Scott Archery - Talon

    Scott Archery - Talon

    **The Talon is the straightest shooting hook style release available today** The Brand New Talon delivers 100% hook clearance - creating extreme accuracy and tunability. The single sear driven, inline design of the Talon release reduces string loop...

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