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About Us

Who we are?
We are a passion-driven company that puts its customers in first place.
Our Story
Since I was a young boy, I really enjoyed hunting. As a passionate hunter, I spent most of my free time in the field. Throughout the years, I had a chance to try many different hunting products. I learned that not every product is good enough to help me hunt successfully. Regardless of what their manufacturers promised, there were many small but significant differences between products.
Being aware of this problem, I came up with an idea to start my own business to help hunters find the right hunting equipment. And so, I founded BlueRed Inc.
It was my chance to share my experience and expertise in the field, and offer customers only products I’ve personally tried and tested.
At BlueRed Inc. we believe that a business is not only about selling and buying. It’s more about creating a reliable, friendly, and customer-oriented business.
For us, customers’ trust is the key element for building a successful business. That’s why we strive to build a friendly and long-lasting relationship with every customer, at the same time providing them with the products we rely on.
We provide a full service for every customer, from recommending products, professional setup and tuning, to safely delivering them to your home.